Friday, August 29, 2008

A Month of Augusts with The Basics

Thursdays in August were a bit sweeter this month because The Basics had a residency at The Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy. Below is a report from the shows that I attended over the past few weeks.

August 14
Opening bands for the night were The Sophisticants and Smurfinger. The Sophisticants are a punk/ska mix of music with a very entertaining and animated lead singer. We were kept quite amused my his shuffle and twist dance moves. Tash and I had seen Smurfinger before when they opened at The Empress show last month. I guess I would describe their music as more punk/grunge.

The Basics played a mix of old and new material over their hour plus set. There was lots of joking and dancing by Tim and Kris. Covers for the night were The Clash's "London Calling" and "Rock the Casbah" as well as New Kids On The Block's "You Got It (The Right Stuff)." They even threatened to play Bryan Adams and Kenny Rodgers!

August 21
After a very delicious pizza dinner at Bimbo Deluxe Tash and I headed over to The Evelyn. The opening bands this week were primarily girl groups- Hot Liquid Sex and Princess One Point Five. We didn't think much of either of them, but the second group was less annoying than the first.

The theme for this week's show could be photographers. There were about five people taking shot after shot of The Basics throughout their set. One of these photographers was from MySpace, and I noticed that he didn't care to take our picture in the crowd (I think he knew we were out of his demographic). The boys played a ripping set once again and fought against technical difficulties like the guitar and keyboard going out and Tim breaking a string. I was very happy to hear two of my favorites "Hey There!" and "Just Hold On." We once again got a cover of The Clash's "Rock the Casbah" as well as Wilson Pickett's "Land of a Thousand Dances." Tim and Kris brought the coordinated dance moves, and I enjoyed the fact that Kris kept his beer and water stored on the ceiling beam above his head. Tash and I have realized that we know the majority of the new songs, and "The Executioner" was particularly brutal tonight (I would hate to have a song like that written about me).

August 28
It was the final night of the residency and a packed house. I have discovered a new young band to champion due to the first opening act- The Harpoons! They are adorable and awesome and play some great tunes. Their 60's inspired three-part harmonies were fantastic. I will definitely be seeking out their gigs in the future. I cannot say the same for the second band, The Swindlers. They were just a mess and trying too hard to be avant garde and punk. The rhythm section actually showed potential at points, but the lead singer's shrieking got old really fast.

It was very exciting when The Basics came out on stage for the last time this month. They played a lot of songs off the album "Stand Out/Fit In" and we got energetic versions of "Memory Lane" and "Rattle My Chain." Poor Kris is a heartbroken boy, which you can tell from the lyrics of his new songs (see last week). Wally dedicated a song to Tash- well, perhaps not my Tash, but she'll take it. We even got an encore tonight and they finished off the residency with a cover of The Police's "Roxanne." My Thursday evenings will never be as fun as these past few weeks.

Watch The Basics play live at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on 30/11/07 here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Essendon v. Western Bulldogs

Last night a group of us headed to the Telstra Dome to watch Essendon play the third ranked Western Bulldogs. I knew we wouldn't win, but was hoping it would have been a bit closer than a 46 point loss. We did lead early into the second quarter but then the Bulldogs started playing much better and dominated the rest of the match. We had at least four kicks hit the post, which was frustrating. It was good to see Paddy Ryder and Mal Michaels playing up forward and Mal even got two goals. There is one more game left in the regular season, and considering the amount players on the injured list for Essendon that's probably a good thing. We definitely have a lot of young talent which will serve the team well in the future.

After the game it was time for what Danny likes to call "dirty Asian" food. We headed to the Nam Loong Chinese restaurant on Russell Street and had a very tasty late dinner. We shared six or so dishes amongst the group and then everyone headed for home around midnight.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Little Red- Corner Hotel #1

Last night was the first of three shows that Little Red are playing at the Corner Hotel during their first national headlining tour. Belinda, Ruth, Danny and I started the evening with a great Mexican dinner at Mexicali Rose. Tash joined us for dessert, and then we walked to the Corner for the show. We entered just as Andy Bull finished his set, so I will need to get their earlier next time to catch him. Next up was The Holidays, a young indie band from Sydney. I thought they were good and they've got a bit of buzz around them.

Little Red came out to loud cheers from the sold out hometown crowd. It's amazing how much success the boys have had over the past year. They played the majority of their debut album as well as a few new songs. The call and response during "Little Annie" and "Jackie Cooper" was fantastic and everyone had a great time throughout their hour-long set. There was a lot of energy and goodwill in the room and Taka was his cheery self behind the drum kit. They finished up the night with a rocking version of "Coca Cola." I can't wait to see them again when they come back in September towards the end of their tour.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh Mercy- Take Two

After having to leave Oh Mercy's show a couple weeks ago before they took the stage, I was happy to be able to attend last night's gig at the Brunswick Hotel. Michelle and Tash joined me for the evening, and it was a fantastic hour plus set of music. They played some older songs like "Salvation Jane" and "Holding On" as well as newer material that they are recording for their debut album. I absolutely adore this band because they play some of the most beautiful and dreamy pop music. The only down side was some mobster's two drunk girlfriends who came into the venue midway through and tried to spoil things, but the band wouldn't let them. The night finished with Alex solo singing The Triffids' "Wide Open Road." It was a great evening- and so close to home too.
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