Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hungry Kids of Hungary - Fed Square Live

Hella wet with HKOH
I was very excited when I learned that Hungry Kids of Hungary were going to be playing a free show as part of the Fed Square Live summer series.  I recruited some people from work to come along, but our visions of a nice summer evening out quickly vanished around 5pm when the rain started coming down quite heavily.  However, we did not let that deter us and headed down to Fed Square, arriving a bit after Asta started her set.  From Tasmania and the winner of the 2012 Triple J Unearthed High competition, you wouldn't think she was only a teenager.  Joined by a guy who played samples and beats, she sang a good set of ambient music that had people moving in the crowd.

Unfortunately the pouring rain started up again just as Hungry Kids of Hungary took the stage.  Mary, who arrived in between acts, was smart and stood under the tent where the sound board was while I braved the rain with my umbrella.  The boys opened with their current single "Twin Cities" and managed to play for nearly a half hour before they had to stop due to the weather.  We were treated to some new songs off the upcoming album You're A Shadow as well as old favorites "Wristwatch," "Coming Around" and "Let You Down," which was the last song of their set.  I was absolutely soaking wet by the end of it but still had a fun time.  I'm sure we will be treated to an indoor gig when they tour for the release of their new album.

Here is the video for "Twin Cities"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Indie Australia Sampler Vol. 3

Over the past few years as a Christmas gift for my cousin I have put together a sampler of songs from some of my favorite Australian indie musicians.  The latest volume, featuring a mix of songs from 2011 and 2012, is one of my most eclectic yet.  In honor of the Australia Day weekend have a listen and check out more from these artists.

1. The Good China - "We Knew That We Had To Leave"

2. Hungry Kids of Hungary - "Sharp Shooter"

3. Millions - "Those Girls"

4. San Cisco - "Awkward"

5. The Harpoons - "Walk Away"

6. Gotye - "State Of The Art"

7. Yung Warriors - "Standing Strong"

8. Major Tom And The Atoms - "The House That Love Built"

9. Lanie Lane - "Bang Bang"

10. Henry Wagons - "I Still Can't Find Her"

11. Sarah Blasko - "God-Fearing"

12. Brous - "Oh My Brother"

13. Oh Mercy - "Pilgrim's Blues"

14. Naked Bodies - "Fiction Tree"

15. New Gods - "On Your Side"

16. Big Scary - "Mix Tape"

17. Kins - "Allora, Eve & Steve"

18. The Ocean Party - "Still Raining"

19. Spring Skier - "Relative Clauses"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spring St Grocery

My name is Nicole and I am addicted to the gelati at Spring St Grocery.  I knew I was in trouble when I first read that a gelateria would be opening up so close to work (and just as the hot weather kicked in).  Since I have been back from holidays I am averaging about three trips a week there, and I've got some of my work colleagues hooked as well.  At least I don't also drink coffee on a daily basis, otherwise I'd be poor.

What makes Spring St Grocery so great is their constantly changing menu as all the gelati and sorbet is freshly churned on site.  Plus it tastes amazing!  You just never know what will be on the menu from day to day as they announce new unique flavors via their Facebook page.  So far I have eaten:
- Mango and ginger sorbet
- Cinnamon and orange blossom gelato
- Salted caramel and chocolate gelato
- Indian chai gelato
- Chocolate gelato
- Pear, cinnamon and pinenut gelato
- Coffee gelato
- Tiramisu gelato
- Dulce de Leche swirl gelato

My favorites so far are the salted caramel and chocolate and the Indian chai (which I am still waiting to return to the menu).  I will try to show a bit more restraint in the coming weeks, but it's hard not to make an afternoon trip over there when you see a new flavor announced that you must try.  I also think they should implement some sort of loyalty card for their frequent customers (hint, hint).

Monday, January 14, 2013


Taking advantage of the cheap movie tickets on Monday nights, Onagh and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Mamasita after work before heading to the Kino Cinemas to watch Hitchcock.  The movie not only shows the making of the film Psycho, but also the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife Alma Reville (Helen Mirren).  Both of them put on fantastic and at times moving performances, and the movie has this undercurrent of dark humor befitting a Hitchcock film.  There are also several other recognizable faces in the cast, from Toni Collette as Hitchcock's secretary Peggy to Scarlett Johannson as Janet Leigh.  Definitely check it out if you get the chance.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Major Tom And The Atoms- Great Britain Hotel

For my first gig of 2013 I headed down to the Great Britain Hotel in Richmond last night with Mary to see Major Tom And The Atoms.  We got there just as Brother James was finishing their set.  It's been a while since we last saw Major Tom And The Atoms live, so I was looking forward to hearing some new tunes and we weren't disappointed.  They started their set with "Merri Creek (Dead & Gone)" and played a mix of new songs and old favorites such as "Mr. Lucky," new single "Hey Flo," "Ball And Chain" and "Wishing Well."  The new songs sounded really good and included "Boom Boom Boom," "Evil Angel," "Boogaloo," "Sherlock Holmes" and a funk number about buying drugs in Chinatown.  The set kicked into another gear with "The House That Love Built" as both Tom and Sean came onto the floor during the song, and they finished the night with the hand clapping fun of "Mockingbird."  It was great to see them live again and I'm looking forward to the release of their debut album sometime this year.
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