Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh Mercy- M+N Lunchbox

What better way to spend your Friday lunch hour than with Oh Mercy?  In order to celebrate the release of their third album Deep Heat today the band played a gig at The Workers Club as part of the Mess+Noise Lunchbox series.  Luckily for me the venue is close to work, so I brought my work colleague Hannah along and we met Mary there.

Oh Mercy started their set with "Deep Heat" and played most, if not all of the album.  It was a guitar-free Alexander Gow, but he did work the microphone and a little egg shaker throughout.  They were also without Simon Okely, who is away traveling for the rest of the year, so we were treated to Cliff on guitar.  I always enjoy the chance to hear an album live before getting to listen to it on CD.  It was interesting how the songs "My Man" and "Europa" have evolved since being played on the last tour.  Of the songs on Deep Heat that I hadn't heard before the standout track was the reggae-inspired "Still Making Me Pay," which reminded me a bit of "Holding On" in its vocal phrasing.  They finished the set with their current single "Drums" before Alex had to head out to the airport for a record store gig in Sydney this evening.  Deep Heat is a huge step forward and a sonically different album from the previous two, but at its heart it still sounds like Oh Mercy.

Here's the video for "Drums"

And a bonus video of "Still Making Me Pay" and "Drums" live from the show!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Melbourne Street Art: Baby Guerrilla

One of my favorite street artists at the moment is Baby Guerrilla.  I love walking around Melbourne and discovering one of her pieces on a wall.  These are a few that have gone up recently around Brunswick.
Albert Street
Dawson Street
Brunswick Road

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