Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boy & Bear- Autumn Tour

Last night Mary and I met up for our usual dinner at Mexicali Rose before heading over to the Corner Hotel for the third sold out night (but first show on sale) of Boy & Bear's autumn tour.  The first opening act was Brisbane singer-songwriter Emma-Louise, who was accompanied by a band. She has a soft and kind of ethereal voice and played mostly slower songs with a couple fast numbers. Overall she sounded good.  Next up was Sydney band Jinja Safari, who impressed me very much.  They have a fantastic energy on stage, and their songs are uplifing and full of Afro-Caribbean beats which reminded me a bit of Vampire Weekend.  They are definitely a band to watch and were very entertaining.

Boy & Bear came out to big cheers from the sold out crowd. Their hour long set was an even mix of old songs and new ones from the album they have just finished recording, which sound great. We got to hear old favorites "Mexican Mavis," "Blood to Gold," and "Rabbit Song," as well as their amazing cover of Crowded House's "Fall at Your Feet."  During their sound check in the afternoon an amp caught on fire and they thought it was the most rock and roll thing that has ever happened to them. One fan on Facebook coined the term "death folk" and at the end of the following song Dave had managed to break a guitar string.  Despite the band's suggestion, no one started a circle pit on the floor.  The final song of the night was their new single "Feeding Line."  It was another wonderful show, and I have to give props to the people who dressed up like the "Rabbit Song" video- especially the guy in the tie cape.

Here's the brand new video for "Feeding Line"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest

This week has been the annual Eurovision Song Contest, which was won this year by Azerbaijan.  However, my favorites were the following songs:

Denmark: "New Tomorrow" by A Friend in London

Serbia: "ńĆaroban" by Nina

Also, honorable mention goes to the sand artist who performed with the Ukraine (amazing):
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