Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dave Graney 'N' The Lurid Yellow Mist

The Brunswick Music Festival is currently happening around town, so Ruth and I headed out to Don't Tell Tom on Sydney Road last night to catch a show by Dave Graney. I first discovered Dave ten years ago when I was living in Melbourne, and have been a fan ever since. He is a very interesting and entertaining fellow with a soothing voice and many stories to tell. His current band, which includes his wife Clare Moore, is The Lurid Yellow Mist. The band played selections from throughout Dave's career, so it was great to hear some of my old favorites reworked live. Dave is such a unique musician, and I was glad to finally get to see him perform in person. You can check out one of Dave's newest songs here: "My Schtick Weighs A Ton"

The opening band was Sand Pebbles. They sounded okay, but the most interesting part of their set occurred towards the end. During an extended distorted guitar feedback section of a song, Ruth and I noticed that the drummer was taking his cymbals off the drum kit. Then Clare Moore appeared and took over drumming duties as we watched the drummer walk out the front door with his equipment! It was hilarious and shocking at the same time- I guess he had to be somewhere. I've never seen anything like that happen before at a live show.

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