Monday, July 03, 2006

Dinner and Big Brother

Ben is back in town for a few days doing rehearsals with Rogue Traders before they head off to the UK and US for some shows, so we decided to meet up for dinner. I walked down to his hotel after work and as I got there he was getting his room upgraded to one of the penthouse suite apartments. The place was huge- probably three times the size of my apartment. It was kind of funny. We decided to have dinner at il Solito Posto, an Italian restaurant in an alley off Collins Street. The food was delicious. I had linguine with calamari and napoli sauce, and Ben had spaghetti bolognese.

After eating we rushed back to the hotel to catch Big Brother. As many of you know, I find Big Brother to be very addictive, and the Australian edition has been no exception. The rules are a lot different to the US version, and it's on tv here every night so I don't have to spend as much time online reading about what's going on in the house. This past weekend has been a very controversial one as John and Ashley were kicked out of the house by Big Brother for sexual misconduct (and rightly so). It's been all over the news here and overseas, with calls from politicians to yank the show off the air. However, I think the real issues are more societal and symptomatic of the laddish culture that exists in Australia. Of course, the politicians are choosing to ignore the bigger picture.

What is amusing though is that Ben was actually in the Big Brother house when John and Ashley got kicked out because Rogue Traders played a mini-concert for the housemates on Saturday night. This was before the housemates knew that the boys had been removed and would not be returning. John and Ashley are supposed to appear with Gretel Killeen (BB host) later tonight, so we'll see how apologetic they are about what happened. I'm not getting my hopes up.


Tash said...

Ohhh, careful! I think that behaviour that got those boys kicked out is the laddish behaviour of anywhere, including the UK and your USA...what about Frat boys??? Same same!!

The longer I am away from Oz the more I like the Aussie boys! Hee hee.

If you think the behaviour is bad on Aussie BB, you should get a load of the freak show that is the UK one, going on now! You would NOT believe it!!

Nicole said...

Yes, that laddish behavior does exist everywhere, but the fact that John and Ashley did that when they knew they were being filmed, and still see nothing wrong with it is what I find so disturbing. Plus most of the housemates (including Camilla) were more concerned about the boys getting kicked out of the house than the seriousness of what occurred. How holding a girl down and "turkey-slapping" her can be considered "mucking around" I will never understand. I wonder how John and Ashley would have reacted if the gay boys in the house did the same to them? Don't think it would have been all fun and games then.

I've heard bits and pieces about the craziness of the UK Big Brother house and I'm trying to remain blissfully ignorant of what's happening there. At least the US version is all about strategy and the game- keeps them busy.

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