Saturday, April 07, 2007

MICF: Meshel Laurie- A Shadow Of My Former Self

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is on once again, so tonight Belinda and I went to see Meshel Laurie's show "A Shadow of my Former Self." In the show she told stories about her life based around segments of a tv taping she did ten years ago for the series "The Smallest Room in the House." To get on the tv show she had to tell a secret about herself- hers being that she was fat. She joked that after the taping she gained a lot of weight and her image on the tv became her goal weight. The show was very funny as she talked about members of her family, celebrity, and the desire to be thin. In the end she urged everyone to accept themselves and be happy. She's achieved her dream of fitting her body into one leg of a pair of pants by making really big pants!

Minor celebrity sighting of the night: Australian Idol 2006 contestant Dean Geyer, who walked past us on Swanston Street.

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