Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MICF: Lawrence Leung & Andrew McClelland- Time Ninjas

Tonight I organized a group from work to attend Lawrence Leung & Andrew McClelland- Time Ninjas at the comedy festival. This was the first time I had seen either of them perform although they have done solo shows in previous years. The show had singing, dancing, history, props, videos and time travel. At the start of the evening they invited an audience member up onto the stage to play the role of Anne Boleyn. Unfortunately, they accidentally chopped off her head. Luckily though their future selves have built a time machine with Stephen Hawking's wheelchair, so Lawrence and Andy decide to travel back in time to save their audience member's life. Along the way they meet Jesus, Hitler's mother, and the teenage versions of themselves.

I thought the show was good but not as hilarious as I was expecting, although there were consistent laughs throughout the night. Lawrence and Andy have known each other since kindergarten and as a result they have great chemistry on stage and occasionally would break out of character and improvise a bit. You could tell they were having a lot of fun, although I would like to see them perform a tighter show next time.

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