Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Basics Overseas Fundraiser Show

Tonight I met up with Tash and Mary at The Empress Hotel for a very special evening with The Basics to help fund their upcoming trip to the UK. At a bargain price of $5 and the promise of two sets of old material, there was no way we were going to miss this show.

Sadly Tim was the only one wearing his grey suit. Kris said they had recently done a photo shoot wearing the suits in some water and they shrank on them. He was surprised Tim still managed to fit into his. As advertised we got over an hour and a half of music from the boys. They started off with the traditional opening number "Yeah, Yeah" complete with dance moves. It was great to hear some rare songs live such as "Bitten by the Same Bug," "She's Gonna B. Late," "That Girl," and "Second Best." We even got some new songs off the upcoming album Keep Your Friends Close such as "No. 1 Cause of Death Amongst Youth Today," "With This Ship" and "The Executioner." There were also the usual amounts of covers played, including Neil Young's "Old Man" and Cold Chisel's "Flame Trees." The night finished off with a rocking version of "Call It Rhythm and Blues" and The Police's "Roxanne." It was so nice to see the boys and hear those sweet harmonies again. I look forward to the new album finally being released on September 25th and seeing them on their proper album tour in November.

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