Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Never Ending Journey...

Greetings from Auckland Airport where I am currently stuck for the day while waiting for my flight to Melbourne. The fun started yesterday when my San Francisco to Auckland flight was delayed 5 hours due to a late arriving plane (it was 12 hours late!). We didn't leave until after midnight, so I knew I would miss my 8 am connecting flight to Melbourne this morning. Conveniently the Air New Zealand people had already booked me on the next available flight. Unfortunately, that flight doesn't leave until 7:30pm tonight. The only other flight to Melbourne is at 3:30 pm, and that is fully booked. To add to the fun, since I am "in transit" I am stuck at the airport.

So how does one kill time at the airport? I have been purchasing access to the wi-fi hotspots so I can have some internet time. I will have a wander around the terminal, although there isn't much too see in Auckland. SFO did have this crazy pinball exhibit on in the terminal, so that was interesting. I managed to convince the Air New Zealand people to give me a food voucher, so that will be my lunch (I had received a dinner voucher from them at SFO). I will also have a bit of a lay down, read a book, and listen to music.

Being delayed 5 hours had added an additional 12 hours to my travel time on this trip home. I'm not going to get to my place till probably after 10 pm, and I am supposed to go to work tomorrow! We'll see what happens, but considering how hot it is supposed to be, an air conditioned office may be the better option in my exhausted state.

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