Saturday, May 19, 2012

Boy & Bear- Remembering The Mexican Tour

Last night Mary and I met up at The Forum for Boy & Bear's second sold out show in Melbourne.  The band are playing in more intimate venues around the country for this tour as a thank you to their fans who have been there from the beginning.  As we walked into the foyer I was quite impressed by what may be the best merchandise I've seen at a show (besides tea towels)- Boy & Bear scarves and beanies.  They were very cute although I didn't buy any.

The first act for the evening was Sydney band Tin Sparrow.  While I thought they were good it was hard to ignore how much many of their songs sounded like the headliners. Next up was The Jungle Giants from Brisbane, who sounded great.  I enjoyed their set and it was nice to see a female lead guitarist for a change. Their bass player was very energetic and did a run through the crowd during their last song.

Boy & Bear started their set with a reworked opening to "Rabbit Song" before launching into "Lordy May."  They played nearly all of the songs off their ARIA award winning album Moonfire, including "Milk & Sticks," "Part Time Believer," "Feeding Line" and my favorites "Big Man" and "My Only One."  We were also fortunate enough to get two new songs (one was titled "Three Headed Woman"). In addition they did their cover of Crowded House's "Fall At Your Feet," which had me thinking of ex-Crowdies drummer Peter Jones who sadly passed away that afternoon from brain cancer.  The single that started it all, "Mexican Mavis" got a big reaction from the crowd and they finished the night with an rousing rendition of "Golden Jubilee." It was another wonderful gig by the band and I'm glad they are still sticking to their philosophy of no encores even when they have enough material to actually do one now.

Here is the video for the latest single "Big Man," animated by Negative Films

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