Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trivia at The B.East

A group of us from work decided to gather for an evening of trivia tonight at The B.East, a newish burger place on Lygon Street in East Brunswick that has taken over the space that used to house Turkish restaurant Baba.  Onagh and I threw caution (and diet) to the wind and ordered ourselves burgers and chili cheese fries to share.  Both were decent but the make or break dish for me was the ice cream sundae, which was an absolute disappointment.  News flash to the owners: if you are going to charge $9 for a sundae you better be using gourmet ice cream and lots of hot fudge sauce.  Instead we got budget vanilla ice cream, one spoonful of fudge sauce, some Freddo frogs, whipped cream, and a sparkler that must have been an attempt distract us from the disaster we were about to eat.

Thankfully the Rock and Pop Culture trivia was more entertaining.  The evening was hosted by Triple R’s Jess McGuire and Shock Record’s George H. and we had three rounds of film, tv and music trivia.  It may just be that I'm getting old, but many of the questions seemed kind of easy to me.  By the end of the night our table managed to tie for third place, which was pretty good considering the number of teams playing.  To make up for the sundae we stopped and got some gelati from Gelobar a few doors down before heading home.

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Tash said...

Ohhh, music, tv and film trivia - sounds great!

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