Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spring St Grocery

My name is Nicole and I am addicted to the gelati at Spring St Grocery.  I knew I was in trouble when I first read that a gelateria would be opening up so close to work (and just as the hot weather kicked in).  Since I have been back from holidays I am averaging about three trips a week there, and I've got some of my work colleagues hooked as well.  At least I don't also drink coffee on a daily basis, otherwise I'd be poor.

What makes Spring St Grocery so great is their constantly changing menu as all the gelati and sorbet is freshly churned on site.  Plus it tastes amazing!  You just never know what will be on the menu from day to day as they announce new unique flavors via their Facebook page.  So far I have eaten:
- Mango and ginger sorbet
- Cinnamon and orange blossom gelato
- Salted caramel and chocolate gelato
- Indian chai gelato
- Chocolate gelato
- Pear, cinnamon and pinenut gelato
- Coffee gelato
- Tiramisu gelato
- Dulce de Leche swirl gelato

My favorites so far are the salted caramel and chocolate and the Indian chai (which I am still waiting to return to the menu).  I will try to show a bit more restraint in the coming weeks, but it's hard not to make an afternoon trip over there when you see a new flavor announced that you must try.  I also think they should implement some sort of loyalty card for their frequent customers (hint, hint).

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