Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sydney Road Street Party 2013

It wasn't until I was coming home on the tram earlier in the week that I realized the Sydney Road Street Party was on again this weekend.  The weather today was quite nice, and I headed down to Sydney Road in the late afternoon to check out a couple of bands that were on the Local and Live Stage.  First was Francolin, who I have been meaning to see live for a while now.  They played songs from their debut album Won't Let You Down, which had a bit of a calypso feel to them with the trumpet and guitars.  I really enjoyed their set and hope to catch them again soon.

While Francolin were playing Ruth and Danny joined me since they were in the neighborhood.  We had a wander around the street party and checked out the various booths along Sydney Road.  It was the usual things from previous years, although it did seem as though a few more of the shops had set up stalls in front of their stores. 

We headed back to the Local and Live Stage in time for The Harpoons.  As always it was wonderful to see them play live.  The Madin brothers and Bec Rigby took turns on lead vocals and we were treated to a mix of songs including "Swim My Baby," "Walk Away" and the usual show stopper "Faith."  They finished their 45 minute set with "Keep You Around" and I am hoping that this is the year that their debut album finally sees the light of day!

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