Sunday, May 12, 2013

La Belle Miette

My battle against obtaining an afternoon sugar hit at work just got harder now that La Belle Miette have opened their Collins Street store in the last couple weeks.  I have been a big fan of their macarons for over a year now, with their Hardware Lane store being a safe enough distance away to make it more of a special treat than a regular visit.  Now they are just down the road.

Besides the wide variety of yummy flavors available daily (with salted caramel being my favorite) they also do special macarons during various holidays.  For the past two years there have been special limited edition flavors in honor of Mother's Day.  Last year the theme was floral scents, and this year they did a Macaron High Tea with cucumber sandwiches, pink champagne, berry cheesecake, Devonshire tea, opera cake and chocolate brownie flavored macarons.  All of them tasted exactly as described, with the berry cheesecake being my favorite of the six pictured above.  Between La Belle Miette and Spring Street Grocery's gelati I'm either going to go broke or need to hit the gym more often!

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