Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Basics- The Post Office Hotel

It has been nearly three years since all three members of The Basics shared the stage together, so Tash and I were super excited when a "secret show" was announced for last night at The Post Office Hotel in Coburg.  After three days of rehearsals the boys were somewhat ready to play live to a packed yet intimate venue. Coming out wearing brand new matching navy blue pinstriped suits, they started the evening with "Money (Gimme, Gimme)."  The set list featured a lot of older songs, including "She's Gonna B. Late," traditional set opener "Yeah Yeah," "Can You Trust Me?" and "Hey C'mon!" which had some nice additional harmonies.  The show overall was quite loose with lots of funny moments throughout the night.  Some of the best came from Tim, who sang lead on a few songs and when he couldn't remember the lyrics would start singing random things in French.

You could clearly see that the boys were enjoying playing live together again.  "Just Hold On," "With This Ship" and new single "So Hard For You" had most of the people in the crowd singing along.  I was happy to hear my favorite "The No. 1 Cause Of Death Amongst Youth Today" and "What Do You See In Me?" off the Keep Your Friends Close album.  During the extended encore Wally donned a red wig to match the hair of his fellow bandmates.  We were also treated to great versions of "Call It Rhythm And Blues," "Lookin' Over My Shoulder" and Wally's very accurate impersonation of screaming goats before they finished the night with a cover of AC/DC's "Jailbreak."  It was a fantastic hour and 45 minutes of old time Basics fun that I have really missed.  I'm so glad they are back playing live and look forward to all the upcoming shows in Melbourne.

Here's the video for the latest single "So Hard For You"

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