Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Melbourne - Nairobi

Today has been a very long travel day to start off my three week African safari holiday.  Tash was kind enough to drive me to the airport at midnight for my 2:40 am Emirates flight from Melbourne to Dubai (with a stop in Kuala Lumpur).  As you can probably guess, the Melbourne airport is pretty empty at that time of the morning.  The travel Gods were smiling on me as I was lucky enough to have a whole row of seats in the middle all to myself on both legs of the flight.  This greatly helped with getting some sleep, and I also entertained myself by watching The Bling Ring and The Great Gatsby.

At Dubai airport I met up with the rest of my travel group, including Chantal, her sister Shevonne, mother Shirin and their family friends who had all travelled from Sri Lanka where they were at a wedding.  There are 12 of us total in the group- it's me and the Aussie Sri Lankans!  The flight from Dubai to Nairobi was a short hop of around 5 hours compared to the first two legs.  When we landed in Nairobi we were taken by bus from the tarmac past the burned down international terminal to a makeshift one at the bottom of a parking lot.  After making it through customs we were picked up by our drivers from African Jacana Safaris and taken to the Nairobi Safari Club where we are staying the night.  After over 24 hours of travelling I'm not really looking forward to the 7:30 am start tomorrow morning!

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