Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Music From Neil Finn

On 1 November Neil Finn did a webcast from his studio previewing some new songs from his upcoming solo album Dizzy Heights, as well as playing some old favorites such as "Private Universe" and "Kare Kare."  It was great to get a first listen of "Dizzy Heights," "Impressions" (which has a hint of the Finn Brothers' "Gentle Hum" in it), "White Lies and Alibis" and "In My Blood" complete with a nine piece string section.  This album should be amazing if the webcast is any indication.

Neil has also released a couple songs from Dizzy Heights to preview the album.  The first was a video for "Divebomber," a song which is proving to be a bit polarizing among fans.  I think it fits in alongside his work on the Rain soundtrack and Pajama Club.  Personally I love the cinematic quality of the video and song and find it quite evocative.  It was inspired by the 1941 Errol Flynn film of the same name and was shot by Neil on his recent holiday in Greece.

The second song, which he premiered this week, is "Flying In The Face Of Love" which sounds much more like a traditional Neil Finn song.

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