Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sarah Blasko- Heavenly Sounds Tour

It's been a few years since I last went to a show on the Heavenly Sounds tour of Australian churches and cathedrals.  Last time it was to see Seeker Lover Keeper in Hobart and tonight was for Sarah Blasko solo at St. Michael's Uniting Church in Melbourne.  The church had large organ pipes at the back of the alter and stained glass windows on both levels of the circular room.  I was very happy tonight's sold out show wasn't occurring last week during the heatwave.

The opening act was singer-songwriter Appleonia (aka Jessica Chapnik Kahn) who was accompanied by a guy on electric guitar.  Her 40 minute set included a backmasking of her song "Precious" called "Heavy, Lord It Gets," which was quite interesting.  She said it was disappointing to find angelic messages instead of satanic ones when she first played it backwards.  She sung an anthemic song in Spanish from her native Argentina and closed with a number from the soundtrack she did for the documentary Despite The Gods about Jennifer Lynch's film work in India.

For Sarah Blasko this was a much more intimate show compared to last year's I Awake tour which featured full orchestras (the Sydney Opera House concert has just been released on CD).  Tonight Sarah's band consisted of long time members Dave and Ben who accompanied her on electric/acoustic guitar and piano/organ.  The set featured stripped back and reworked versions of songs primarily from the albums I Awake and As Day Follows Night, including "All I Want," "Down On Love," "God-Fearing," "Illusory Light," "Cast The Net" and "Not Yet."  Sarah's voice soared in the acoustics of the church and was so powerful at times.  She was also in a silly and fun mood and did her usual poses and moves during the songs.  At one point during the night an audience member proclaimed he loved her more than God!  It was such an amazing gig and fantastic to see her up close.  The closing song of the night was the appropriately titled "Showstopper" from the album What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have.

Here's the video for the latest single "Fool" off I Awake

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