Wednesday, April 09, 2014

MICF: Celia Pacquola

This evening Belinda joined me at the Swiss Club for Celia Pacquola's Melbourne International Comedy Festival show titled Let Me Know How It All Works Out.  Celia told a well-woven story centering around her love of psychics, even while admitting she would mock anyone else who visits them or wears crystals like she does.  One day at a UK music festival though things changed when Celia received a disturbing palm reading in a tent by "Tony."  The news had her questioning her beliefs, especially after visiting a doctor and being given evidence that refuted what she was told.  She also talked about events in her life, and I could definitely relate to her love of the tv show Hoarders and feeling rage against those with air-conditioning during Melbourne heat waves.  Celia cleverly joined up the bits and pieces of the show at the end and even gave us an epilogue like in the movies.

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