Sunday, July 06, 2014

Saskwatch- Nose Dive Tour

Last night Mary and I met up at the Corner Hotel for the second sold out show by Saskwatch in support of their latest album Nose Dive.  The opening act of the all Melbourne bill was Grizzly Jim Lawrie.  This was the first time I've seen him with a full band and they played a fantastic set of alt-country and 70's rock sounding songs.  I really liked the new single "Midnight Run."

Next up was New Gods, who amazingly was the one Little Red offshoot band I had never seen live before.  They played an eclectic set of dance/funk and more guitar-based indie rock songs.  Dom seems to have been attending raves as he had the waving arm and hand movements down pat.  The Saskwatch horn section came out to play with them on their last song which got the crowd excited.

Saskwatch has been on the Melbourne music scene for a few years and I was excited to finally see this nine piece soul band live.  The Corner was absolutely packed by the time they hit the stage.  Their set was very entertaining as they played a mix of songs from both their albums, including "Don't Wanna Try," "Your Love," "Give Me A Reason," and "Keep Me In Mind."  The ballads "Left Me To Die," "Call Your Name" and "Now That We're Alone" really showcased Nkechi Anele's amazing voice.  They also played their cover of Little Red's "Coca Cola" but for some reason didn't get Dom and Adrian out to play it with them.  The main set closed with "Hands," which had the whole crowd clapping along, and after returning to the stage for a one song encore it was all over.  It's great to see Saskwatch gaining success and building an even bigger following as they are a very talented band.

Here's the clip for "Born To Break Your Heart"

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