Thursday, August 06, 2015

MIFF- Iris and The Wolfpack

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I've attended a couple more documentaries this week at the Melbourne International Film Festival. The first was on Monday night for Iris, about legendary New York fashion icon and interior designer Iris Apfel. Iris is instantly recognizable by her large round black glasses and unique style (particularly her use and layering of chunky accessories). The film explores the 93 year old's life and career along with her husband Carl. Her energy, work ethic and enthusiasm for fashion and design are still strong after all these years, and she is still very much in demand. It is amazing how many beautiful pieces of clothing, jewelry and furniture she has collected from around the world. The film is a lovely portrait of a truly original person and trailblazer.

movie, MIFF
Tonight's documentary was the antithesis of the life Iris has had being able to travel the world and collect things. The Wolfpack follows the Angulo family, whose nine members live in a cramped Lower East Side apartment. With an overbearing and paranoid father controlling their lives, the six brothers, one sister and mother are rarely allowed to leave and go outside. The boys were allowed to watch films though, and to keep themselves entertained would recreate their favorite movies and use everyday household objects to make their props and costumes.

Director Crystal Moselle filmed the brothers over a 5 year period as they began to venture out into the world and gain control over their lives. Having seen a 20/20 interview with them a while ago I was familiar with their story going into the film. However, it was sad to see the damage that had been done from being confined growing up and not able to socialize in the outside world. Despite all this the brothers appear to be quite sweet and supportive of each other, and it was great to watch them blossom and experience things for the first time (like going to a movie theater and Coney Island).

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