Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males- Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth 10th Anniversary

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males' album Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth. To celebrate Dan got the old band back together for a special sold out show at Howler last night.

Opening the evening was Jade Imagine (aka Jade McInally) who played a good set with her band. Her songs had a bit of an old school indie sound and they did a cover of The Church's "Columbus." Next up was Melbourne three piece band Loose Tooth who I really enjoyed. All three members took turns on lead vocals, with their sound ranging from garage rock to shoegaze at points when the female guitarist and drummer were harmonizing together.

It was a packed house when Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males took to the stage. They played all 12 tracks from Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth from start to finish. Highlights for me were "Safeway Holiday (Get Wise)," "Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth," "My Brains Are On Fire!" and "Drunk On Election Night," which featured Dan Kelly on guitar and Dan Luscombe on keys as the audience sang along to the chorus. There was amusing banter about the origins of the songs throughout the night, and Dan and Dan complained that they get mistaken for each other in public all the time. The only song that didn't go to plan was "Vice City Rolling," which had a few stops and starts throughout the song but they finally got there in the end. The encore (although they didn't leave the stage) featured songs from their first album The Tabloid Blues with "Checkout Cutie," "Bunk Lovin' Man" and "Summer Wino," which finished off the night. It was quite an entertaining evening and always special when you get to hear an album played live from beginning to end.

Here's hoping this song doesn't need to be sung in the USA in November - "Drunk On Election Night"

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