Sunday, June 04, 2017

Van Gogh And The Seasons

The latest exhibition for the NGV's Melbourne Winter Masterpieces is Van Gogh and the Seasons. It contains around 50 drawings and paintings from Van Gogh that are themed around the four seasons.

As you enter the exhibition there is a large screen video presentation about Van Gogh before you get to see some examples of the different types of art that influenced him in the first rooms, such as Japanese woodblock prints.

The main sections of the exhibition focus on a specific season, with paintings and drawings of landscapes, still life, and people working out in the fields. Here were some of my favorite pieces:





It's not the largest exhibition, but it took a while to get through due to the sheer number of people trying to see it. I wish the NGV would sell timed tickets to cut down on the lines and crowds going through the exhibition at any one time as it was an exercise in patience to deal with the number of people in there.

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