Monday, January 16, 2006

DVD Screening

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend the screening of "How to Make an Album and Influence People," which documents the making of The Living End's new album "State of Emergency" (out February 4th). The screening took place in a small theater at the Victoria College of the Arts on St. Kilda Road. It was great to watch the process of how this album was made. JT, the director, followed the boys from pre-production and demos to the recording and mixing of the album with producer Nick Launay. Interspersed throughout the film were interviews with Chris (guitar/vocals), Scott (bass), and Andy (drums), and some live concert footage of them trying out songs before going into the studio. After the screening they held a Q&A session with JT, Andy, and Scott. I got to ask them a question about how their disappointment with the last album influenced their decision making going into recording the new album. It got a fairly thoughtful and insightful response from Scott and Andy, which was cool. After the Q&A the boys signed autographs and took pictures with fans. I had a brief chat with Andy, as I had met him before in San Francisco on the Aussie Invasion tour in 2004 (he even remembered me). He was kind of shocked when I told him that I'm living in Melbourne now. Unfortunately our chat was cut short since the guys had to leave. If you are interested in seeing the documentary, it will be released as a bonus DVD with the limited edition version of "State of Emergency."

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