Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Good News: My shipment finally arrived today! I rang up the removalists in Sydney on Tuesday, and they told me that my stuff had been freighted by rail down to Melbourne and should have arrived on December 30th. Keep in mind I had no idea it had cleared customs since they never called. So I rang their Melbourne office and sure enough, it was there, and I scheduled delivery for today. If I hadn't called them, I wonder how much longer my stuff would be sitting in their warehouse... In any case, I've opened about a third of it, and no broken glass so far. Big thanks to Lynne for her help with packing and cushioning all the picture frames. I haven't done the kitchen stuff yet, so we'll see if all the glasses and dishes made it intact (one box looks a bit dodgy). Only bummer is that my box of files with all of my school worksheets, etc. has gone missing. They better find it. Update: Only one broken glass in the entire shipment!

Bad News: Yesterday my iBook decided it was time to die. I did have slight warning on Tuesday when all these lines started to appear on the screen, but I was able to shut down and reboot, and everything was fine- so I thought. On Wednesday morning when I went to open up my laptop I was faced with a black screen. I thought it was just the screen that had died, but it turns out that the logic board was fried and there was a real possibility I would not see anything on my hard drive ever again. However...

Good News: My wonderful and talented friend Ben was able to rescue all my stuff off the hard drive! It took some time, but the iBook had a glimmer of life and he was able to get everything- Thank God. This is a reminder that you should always back up your data. At least I had my address book on my iPod in case things didn't turn out ok. So how am I typing this message, you ask? Well, I am the proud owner of a brand new 15" PowerBook G4 that I got for about half of what it would have cost me, thanks again to Ben, who got me a ridiculous deal. I am forever indebted!

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Michelle said...

Yay on the shipment, not so yay on the hard drive but then yay again about a new computer!

That is silly that they hadn't contacted you about your shipment, lucky you are on the ball!

Look forward to seeing everything all set up.

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