Friday, May 05, 2006

MICF: Helen Thorn Is Arty Farty

Tonight I met up with Julie and headed back to the Comedy Festival to check out Helen Thorn's show "Arty Farty." Helen wrote the show and it involves her experiences in the arts throughout her life. It started with ballet in preschool, then jazz dance, her cello years in high school, university art life, and finally today as an arts worker. In between the monologues about each period of her life, she did characters that reflected the arty influences of that time. I thought Helen did a great job, and there were some funny stories from her childhood. The characters were over the top and fantastic. I was very proud of the effort she put in, and I hope this run of shows has gone well for her (tonight's performance was sold out).

After the show Julie and I headed over to The Westin for some food and conversation. I hadn't seen her since I got back from the States, so it was nice to catch up. Julie has been good about letting me know about any job listings for the private schools in The Age that don't get listed online, so I had to thank her in person for that. Once we finished eating we said goodbye and headed to our respective trams for the ride home.

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