Friday, May 26, 2006

Work Life

I am enjoying my time working at the University of Melbourne. I have been averaging four days a week- three with the EDN and one doing random stuff for the Department of Economics. Last week I scanned working papers into PDF files, and yesterday I helped to proofread the annual report. I'm learning all sorts of economic terms like "econometrics" (my word of the week). The people in the department are all very nice, and one of the girls in the front office lives a couple streets down from me (we keep ending up on the same tram in the mornings). I also have a couple of friends who work at the University, so it's nice to pop in and see them from time to time.

The main thing I've been working on with the EDN is helping to coordinate an upcoming conference at the end of June. I've been booking flights, dealing with immigration, and coordinating venues, catering, accommodation, etc. There are about 45 people coming to this workshop from all over the world. I guess I am doing a good job because the head of the EDN has twice commented to me that he wishes I would stay on permanently. If only it was a full time position. I've probably got a few more weeks of working there, since they just got all the applications in to hire for my job. I have a feeling they will also want me around to help with the workshop since I've been dealing with all the participants.

On the teaching front, I didn't get a second interview with Caulfield Grammar, but I do have an interview next week with Alphington Primary School for a grade 4/5 opening. We'll see what happens. I'm still applying to schools, and also for a couple policy officer positions at the Department of Education and Training. I'd even love to work at the University if anything good comes up.

Update: As you can probably guess, I didn't get the job with Alphington Primary School. I sense that these Aussie schools are very hesitant to bring in someone from the "outside." The education system here is so decentralized I don't understand how they operate- where is the collaboration and sharing of ideas? Every single school creates their own curriculum. Why keep creating what already exists?

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