Saturday, January 20, 2007

Heat Wave

This past week has been my own personal hell because it has been consistently hot. On Tuesday we reached 41 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit) and had a major power outage throughout Melbourne. I was very fortunate to be on one of the few train lines that was actually running and made it home, only to find the power out. The rest of the week the temperatures were in the 30s (upper 80s-90s Fahrenheit) with increasing humidity by the end of the week. If there is one thing I hate more than heat it is humidity. Friday was unbearable outside since the humidity levels were around 75%. It felt like the tropics! Thankfully we have had some good rain falling today and it has cooled down. I also finally bought a fan this week, so that has helped to circulate the air in my apartment.

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Bel Stella / Bella Carrara said...

Hey, just heard about the heatwave...better than what we've had going on over here! Down where I am, we've hit 12 degrees on our coldest night, and then stayed in the teens for a few nights in a row. Needless to say our ag. products are in extreme trouble this season, and possibly next. :-( BUT, I'll take cold over heat anyday! ;-)

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