Thursday, February 01, 2007

Connex Nightmare

The Melbourne train system has gone completely to hell this week. The Siemans trains (their newest ones in the fleet) are having braking issues and overshooting platforms. Each time it happens the train has been pulled out of the system. As a result, 37 train services on various lines have been cancelled, and more importantly for me, my train line has gone from 6 carriages to 3 until further notice, including during peak commute hours when they were already full. After two days of cramming myself onto the train in the morning and being a sardine, and the start of the school year on Wednesday (kids with backpacks) I decided for my own sanity to take the tram to work until Connex gets their act together. It may take a bit longer, but at least I can breathe and not be pressed up against people I don't know.

Articles to read on the topic:
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