Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Whitlams

Last night I finally got to catch up with Natasha as she had a spare ticket to see The Whitlams play at the Corner Hotel. We ate dinner at Mexicali Rose in Richmond and chatted about what she has been up to since returning from London. Fingers crossed that Tash gets the job she has applied for since it would mean her working in the city. After eating we headed to the venue and sat through the opening acts before finding spot in the crowd for The Whitlams. Tash is a big fan, so you should read her review for all the details. It was a good concert and I was impressed with how tight the band played. The second encore finished just in time and we made the last tram back into the city. I'll have to dig out my two CDs of The Whitlams and give them a listen- it's been a while.

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