Friday, January 09, 2009

Madame Brussels

Depending on how the week is going, Chantal and I will head out for a drink or two after work (earlier in the week if things are really busy). Our usual spots are across the road at The Commune or down Bourke Street at Lane's Edge. However, Melbourne is full of unique bars that are hidden on the upper levels of buildings or down side alleys. Tonight we tried a new venue to me on Bourke Street, Madame Brussels. It's located on the third level of a building and you enter into a garden-themed indoors (with grass) which leads outdoors to the rooftop terrace. The place is very cute and all the servers were dressed in pastel tennis outfits. It was also packed as the venue is very popular. We enjoyed our jug of cocktails and then headed out for dinner, greeted by a line of people waiting to get in as we departed.

1 comment:

Tash said...

Was that really what it looked like??? I soooo want to go now! I am a sucker for a long line, it must be good!!

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