Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Harpoons

After a yummy dinner at Mexicali Rose with Mel, we walked down to the Great Britain Hotel where we were joined by Tash for the 7" single launch by The Harpoons. The last time I saw them was in August so I was curious to see how the band has developed since that early show. The evening began with a short set of surf music by TAN, which is basically The Harpoons without Bec (although she did join them for a couple songs). They had the crowd dancing away, especially to "Wipe Out."

After a break, The Harpoons officially started their set in front of an enthusiastic crowd. They are so much more confident on stage now and the harmonies were just fantastic. Bec's voice was soaring throughout the night. They played some newer songs as well as what's on their Myspace page including "Swim My Baby," "Hey Girl," "Garden City," and the songs on their 7" record "Faith" and "Tonight Tonight." It was such a great set and nice to see so many people discovering and falling in love with them. Tash and I will be back at another show soon if only to get a chance to buy their demo CD.

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