Sunday, February 08, 2009

St. Kilda Festival

Today Tash and I headed down to the St. Kilda Festival. Thankfully today's weather was much cooler than yesterday's horrific 46.4/115 degrees. We spent the majority of the afternoon at the Max Beach Concert stage. The first act we saw was Kate Miller-Heidke, a trained opera singer who has moved into pop music. As expected she has a very powerful voice and is a bit of an eccentric performer. She and her band did a rock opera version of John Farnham's "You're The Voice" and finished with her hit single "Can't Shake It" complete with dance moves.

Next up was Dan Sultan, a phenominally talented indigenous singer/songwriter. I was completely blown away by his voice, charisma on stage, and total mix of music styles- roots, soul, and a bit of country. Dan and his band had the soulful energy and showmanship of James Brown and at times it felt like a revival was taking place.. He's such an amazing talent and will just get bigger and bigger as more people hear and see him perform live.

After a bit of a walk around to check out the various booths and other attractions, we were treated to the 80's glam metal of The Galvatrons. Imagine the synthesizer part from Van Halen's "Jump" used over and over again in songs with metal riffs and you'll have some idea of how their set sounded. I'm sure the kids felt they were cool and relevant, but to me they sounded like they were trying too hard to be an 80's metal band and it was all just cliche and unintentionally laughable.

Our last band for the day was The Good China on the Air New Music stage. They drew a good-sized and enthusiastic crowd for their half-hour set. This was probably their biggest show to date, and both Tash and I were really happy that their following is growing steadily in Melbourne. They played another entertaining set and had the crowd clapping along to their closing song "All Nothing." We even managed to get The Good China badges, which were being handed out to the audience.

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