Sunday, May 31, 2009

Avenue Q

Tonight I met up with Ruth and Danny to see the Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q, which is opening in Australia for the first time. It is sort of a dirty version of Sesame Street with its mix of puppets and live actors. Here is the synopsis of the play:
AVENUE Q is the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. He soon discovers that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q; still, the neighbors seem nice. There's Brian the out-of-work comedian and his therapist fiancée Christmas Eve; Nicky the good-hearted slacker and his roommate Rod -- a Republican investment banker who seems to have some sort of secret; an internet addict called Trekkie Monster; and a very cute kindergarten teaching assistant named Kate Monster. And would you believe the building's superintendent is Gary Coleman?!? (Yes, that Gary Coleman.) Their lives also intermingle with renowned nightclub singer, Lucy T Slut, and school principal, Mrs. Thistletwat. Together, Princeton and his new found friends struggle to find jobs, dates, and their ever-elusive purpose in life.

The play was very funny with its assorted songs such as "Sucks to be Me," "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist," and "The Internet is for Porn." The two leads Mitchell Butel and Michala Banas were fantastic and I was amazed they managed to play multiple puppets and voices at the same time. I thought I would end up focusing more on the actors than the puppets, but that wasn't the case. If you have a chance I highly recommend you check out Avenue Q- you won't be disappointed.

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