Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ground Components

Tonight I met Tash and her friend Nikki at the East Brunswick Club for a headlining show by Ground Components. The first band up for the evening was Shaman Son, whose sound I found to be a cross between wanna be grunge and a bad LA rock band. There were flannel shirts, scarves hanging off of instruments, and a lead singer way too interested in pushing buttons to get different vocal effects. Loud and unimaginative.

Next on stage were my favorites The Harpoons. There was a 20 minute delay to the start of their set because their drummer was M.I.A. However, he eventually showed up at the end of the first song. Their harmonies were just so fantastic and they played some new songs as well as "Faith," "Everywhere," and had everyone up the front dancing for their last song "Garden City." Unfortunately the set was 10 minutes shorter than scheduled, and I still have not managed to get a copy of their Demo CD.

It was good to see Ground Components again after watching them support Little Red last week (and all the Little Red boys were in the audience to return the favor). They played a very energetic set and highlights included "Our Sunshine" and "On Your Living Room Floor." It's really hard to describe their sound since it is such a mix of styles. I give them credit though for sounding like no one else currently out there at the moment. All in all it was a pretty good night.

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