Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Red- All Mine Tour

Last night I met up with Mary and her friend for dinner at HuTong Dumpling Bar (I still can't believe we managed to get a table) before heading to the Palace Theatre to see Little Red. The first act of the night was Passport for Amy, a young band that I found quite bland and boring.  They were almost a paint by numbers style of emo guitar rock- not good.  Next up was the new wave dance sounds of World's End Press.  While a lot of their beats sounded like they were slight variations of an assortment of famous 80s/90s songs, the band members were energetic with their continuous dancing and sounded good overall.

Little Red began their set with album opener "Get a Life." Most of the songs played were off the Midnight Remember album, including "Slow Motion," "Lazy Boy," and current single "All Mine." During the rarely played "Chelsworth," Taka managed to fall off his bass drum into the left side of his drum kit (the first time I've ever seen that happen).  We were privileged with two brand new songs and I was also happy to hear old favorite "Witchdoctor."  As expected, their break out single "Rock It" got the biggest audience reaction of the night.  I do wonder how the band view this song as it has been such an unlikely hit for them and has changed the type of audience they now attract.  The boys finished their set with "It's Alright," and then came out and played "Coca Cola" for an encore, which was the final song for the night.

Here's the video for "All Mine" which was shot around Melbourne (including near my work):

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