Friday, September 02, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today was another one of those very long travel days when I arrive before I actually left.  I got to Melbourne airport and faced lines for check in and more lines at security and customs, but made it through in time to board my Air New Zealand flight to Auckland.  I was on the ground for a little over an hour before catching the next leg to San Francisco.  Both flights went smoothly and I didn't have anyone next to me in the middle seat, which was nice.  I watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation and Big Fat Gypsy Weddings (does anyone else see a similarity in dress sense between the Irish Travellers and the cast of Jersey Shore?).  I also watched a New Zealand movie called Hook, Line & Sinker and read Sarah Vowell's latest book about the history of Hawaii, Unfamiliar Fishes.  Unfortunately I did not get much sleep.  However, it is nice to be home, especially since today is my Mom's birthday.

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