Thursday, November 17, 2011

Georgia Fair- All Through Winter Launch

After a drink at Tuscan Bar and dinner with Chantal, I headed to The Toff last night for Georgia Fair's sold out All Through Winter album launch.  There were already a fair number of people in the venue when I arrived, and it was a very young crowd.  The first act of the night was singer-songwriter Carry Nation (aka Jessie Warren).  She played a solo set on electric guitar and had some interesting thoughts that she shared in between songs, including her obsession with whales.

Next up was Slow Dancer, which is Simon Okely from Oh Mercy's solo project.  Simon played the first couple songs solo on guitar and then was joined by James Harding on bass and Rohan Sforcina (also from Oh Mercy) on drums.  The songs had a really great laid back vibe and groove to them, and as expected, excellent guitar playing by Simon.  I was very impressed with his set, and he finished with "Leave It To Me."  I grabbed a free Slow Dancer postcard from Eliza Lam, who was working the merch desk, and told her I'd see her next week for Oh Mercy's gig at the Hi-Fi Bar.

The room was absolutely packed for Georgia Fair, and Tash, Jessie and Heath arrived just as they started their set.  Jordan and Ben played most of the songs with a band but also did a few by themselves.  Their set consisted of songs from the new album as well as a few from their previously released EP.  "Picture Frames" got the biggest reaction from the crowd, and other standouts were "Times Fly," "Float Away," "Simple Man" and "Where You Been?"  Thankfully the crowd were respectful and attentive for the tracks from new album, which are more mellow songs.  The boys have recently moved to Melbourne, so hopefully there will be more local shows in the future.

Here's the first single off the album, "Where You Been?"

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