Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wear My Wardrobe- Day 17

I do not have a car here in Melbourne so I am a frequent user of public transportation.  Since I live close to the city I can either take the train or a tram (site of today's photo) to get to and from where I need to go.  One downside to the way Melbourne's public transport system is designed is the fact that it's hard to get across town as most lines run in and out of the city.  This often leads to longer travel times, but it's something I can deal with.  Even if I did have a car, I don't know when I would use it as I wouldn't drive into the city for work and everything else I need is in walking distance of my home.

Today's outfit:
Purple dress (Ric Rac)
Sandals (Diana Ferrari)

Photo by Onagh


Tash said...

Like this dress.

I think you should totally be crediting your photographer! I want to know who was taking your pic in a busy tram in the middle of the day!

Nicole said...

I have gone through my posts and put in photo credits. I have a cast of characters helping me.

Tash said...

A ha ha! I can imagine!

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