Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NaBloPoMo: Fave Albums

Today is October 31st, which not only marks Halloween, but also the eve of another National Blog Posting Month (or NaBloPoMo for short).  Last year I challenged myself to Wear My Wardrobe.  This year I have decided to tackle my music collection and review 30 of my favorite albums- one for each day of November.  The rules are that I can only choose one recording per band/artist, and they must be full length studio albums (so no live albums or compilations).

This will be my fourth year in a row doing NaBloPoMo, and hopefully you will discover an album or two you may not have been aware of to check out along the way.  Wish me luck (I'm sure I will need it)!


Tash said...

Ohhh, looking forward to seeing what your 30 will be, and if there are any new music discoveries there for me!

Nicole said...

And just think- you will have access to all my CDs while house sitting.

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