Thursday, November 01, 2012

Fave Albums: Crowded House - Temple Of Low Men

My favorite band of all time is Crowded House, so it's only fitting that I start this fave albums series with them.  Their second album, Temple Of Low Men, was released in 1988 and produced by Mitchell Froom.  The cover features Nick Seymour's beautiful artwork, and believe it or not was named after a euphemism for female genitalia (there were also thoughts of calling it Mediocre Follow-Up).

The album starts off with the slightly spooky "I Feel Possessed" before you hear the voice of disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart begging for forgiveness at the start of "Kill Eye."  Neil Finn's lyrical imagery is strongest in songs such as "Into Temptation" and "In The Lowlands," while his angst about gaining fame after their debut album is detailed in "Mansion In The Slums" (The taste of success only lasts you half an hour or less, but it loves you when it comes.)

Temple Of Low Men is a cohesive album and contains hallmarks of Crowded House throughout, whether it be the soaring chorus in "When You Come," the good humor (as well as Paul Hester's excellent brush work) on "Sister Madly," or the song destined to be a crowd sing-along, the closing track "Better Be Home Soon."

The US tour for this album was the first time I saw Crowded House live (and my first concert ever).  My teenage heart swooned when I smiled at Neil from the pit of The Warfield Theatre and he smiled back at me.  It's been love ever since.

Favorite Lyric: Love this life, don't wait till the next one comes ("Love This Life")

Favorite Song: "When You Come"

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