Sunday, March 02, 2014

Dan Sultan- Under Your Skin Tour

It's not often that you get to see a matinee show at the Corner Hotel, but that was the case this afternoon for Dan Sultan's second Melbourne show for his Under Your Skin tour.  The opening act was The Medics a four piece grunge/rock band from Cairns.  They played mostly new material that they are about to record for their second album, which sounded good.

Dan also played a set filled predominately with new songs off his upcoming album Blackbird, including the first single "Under Your Skin."  The new songs sounded great with a full band and Dan was in fine voice throughout the afternoon.  We also got to hear some old favorites including an impassioned version of "Old Fitzroy," "Crazy," "Your Love Is Like A Song" and "Letter," which finished the main set.

Dan brought his young nephew onto the stage at the start of the encore, but he wouldn't do his air guitar trick and soon left the stage to get back to playing Angry Birds.  Dan played a couple more songs and ended the show with "Kimberley Calling," which he and guitarist Ash Naylor were pretending was their stadium rock anthem after opening for Bruce Springsteen a couple weeks ago.  Dan is such an entertaining performer and was so humble that people continue to support him.  I'm looking forward to the new album finally coming out in April.

Here's the video for "Under Your Skin"

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