Saturday, March 29, 2014

MICF: Hannah Gadsby and Mel Buttle

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival kicked off this week, with most shows in previews through the weekend.  Onagh joined me to take advantage of the cheaper ticket prices and see two shows this evening.  First we went to the Melbourne Town Hall to see Hannah Gadsby in The Exhibitionist.  Her show this year was about self portraiture throughout the ages.  Utilising photographs she illustrated the similarities between historical painted portraits dating back to the 1500s and the modern day selfie, exploring how people present themselves and their image.  My favorite parts were a comparison between Russian President Vladimir Putin and pop singer Justin Bieber, as well as Hannah's self curated memorial video due to her fear of people using unflattering Google search images if she were to die.

Next we headed to the Victoria Hotel for Mel Buttle's show Bring A Plate.  It was more of a traditional stand-up comedy set touching on members of her family, personal experiences and her obsession with the tv show Embarrassing Bodies.  Mel also touched on the theme of maintaining control of your image in the age of the internet when people can make both good and bad comments about you online.  I found her set to be quite funny at times, particularly her written script for a confrontation with an internet troll.  Overall it was a funny night with two extremely talented female Australian comedians.

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