Saturday, April 02, 2016

MICF- Arj Barker

I crossed the Yarra River for tonight's Melbourne International Comedy Festival show at the Palais Theatre featuring fellow Marinite Arj Barker in Organic. We were treated to a surprise opening stand-up set by Australian comedian Joel Ozborn, who told jokes about playing for the 'troops,' tattoos, and the misappropriation of the Southern Cross by bogans.

Arj is in his 10th year at MICF with yet another brand new show. Since he spends so much time here a lot of the material related to Australia, including our ever evolving roster of PMs, Brisvegas, and the extensive list of Australian phrases with the word 'shit' in them. Ever the man child, Arj is now living with his girlfriend, which he joked has completed him by bringing out an angry side he didn't know existed. Part of this might be due to his girlfriend making them eat organic and gluten free. The show had some big laughs throughout, especially the bits around Uber and spoilers. Arj tied it all together at the end with the song "Organic," which was my favorite part of the show as it was a throw back to classic Arj.

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