Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sarah Blasko- Eternal Return Tour

Sarah Blasko's latest album Eternal Return is a bit of a departure from her previous albums with its more electronic feel and songs about love. Onagh and I were looking forward to seeing her bring these tracks to life at tonight's show at The Forum. We arrived as the second act Jack Colwell and his band were on the stage. While obviously talented, his performance was a bit over the top at times, and included a dramatic cover of Divinyls' "I Touch Myself."

Sarah Blasko and her band were all dressed in black as they took to the stage and started the evening with "I Am Ready." The first half of the set was songs from her new album, with highlights being "Better With You," "I'd Be Lost," "Say What You Want" and "Maybe This Time." Sarah was in a good mood and she danced around the stage throughout the night (attributing this to the fact she was wearing tap shoes). It was nice to hear some older songs, including "Always Worth It" from her first album The Overture And The Underscore, "All I Want," "We Won't Run" and "No Turning Back" from As Day Follows Night, and I Awake's "Cast The Net" and "Here," which was played in an acoustic style at the front of the stage and had the venue listening silently.  

For an encore Sarah honored the recent passing of Prince with a cover of Martika's "Love... Thy Will Be Done" (written by Martika and Prince) while bathed in purple light. She then played "I Wanna Be Your Man" and the fabulous "Luxurious" before finishing the night with "I Awake." It was another fantastic show by Sarah, and great to see her so happy in her life.

Here's the video for "I Wanna Be Your Man"

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