Monday, August 22, 2005

Whatup Kaysar?

Big Brother is my summer tv crack. Every year I get sucked into the show. I try to convince myself that I won't, but after a few weeks I am glued to my computer reading the live feed updates to see what is going on in the house. Big Brother is shown all over the world, but what sets the US version apart is the fact that house guests vote people out- not the public. This leads to lots of strategy, backstabbing, and alliances. In other words, drama and great tv!

This season the house has been deeply divided between two groups: the evil "Friendship" cult and the Sovereign 6, who were led by my favorite player, Kaysar. Kaysar turned the house upside down in Week 3, but unfortunately got voted out in Week 4. However, it is the "Summer of Secrets" on Big Brother, and America was allowed to vote back in an evicted house guest. Kaysar was saved with 82% of the vote and triumphantly reentered the house. After 14 hours of holding down a button in the Head of Household competition, and promises that he would be safe, Kaysar let go and allowed Jennifer to become HOH. This turned out to be his undoing, as Jennifer is in the "Friendship" cult, and she lied and went back on every promise she made to Kaysar. As a result, Kaysar got voted out again this past Thursday. I was not a happy camper.

Revenge is sweet though. Janelle won HOH and since it was a double eviction week, Jennifer was voted out of the house less than 48 hours later. While she thinks America loves her, she will be very suprised to see that her famewhore dreams have been shattered due to her unethical game play. The power keeps shifting back and forth between the two groups, and who knows who will end up the winner of Big Brother 6? As long as it isn't one of the cult, I will be satisfied. Check out all the action on

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