Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Day In The Mountains

Today Fran, Rosemaree, and I headed up to Mt. Dandenong to visit Peter and Mark. We met up with Peter at Ripe in Sassafras. It was a good thing that Peter told us where the restaurant was because there is no sign to indicate its location. We ate a very yummy brunch- I had scrambled eggs on toast with bacon, spinach, and mushrooms. Ripe is famous for its hot chocolates made with Lindt chocolate balls, so we all had to order one. It was good. Thanks to Peter for treating us.

On our way back to Peter and Mark's place we went up to the lookout at SkyHigh on the mountain. It has a great view towards Melbourne. Since the weather has been hot it was a bit hazy and smoggy- sort of an L.A. view of things, unfortunately. Back at the house we sat outside on the deck and finally got to chat with Mark. The boys gave me a lovely little wooden jewelry box for my birthday, and I also picked up Peter's US mobile phone to use on my trip. We left Kalorama mid-afternoon and headed for home.

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