Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MICF: Charlie Pickering- Rodeo, Burqa, Circumcision

I said farewell to Ruth and Danny and then got in line for Charlie Pickering's show Rodeo, Burqa, Circumcision.  Charlie did a solid set of stand-up for his hour long show.  I learned some interesting things about him throughout the night.  At the end of each episode of The 7pm Project, after Charlie signs off he draws a dick and balls on the news script.  He is circumcised.  And maybe most surprising of all, he has a great love for 90's era West Coast gangsta rap.  My favorite bit of the show was about how he replaced the n-word with "fella" so he could sing rap songs out loud.  His demonstration of this in a pseudo old timey voice was very funny.

Charlie also discussed people wanting to ban burqas and how everyone feels like an outsider at some point.  He then told us about going to Afghanistan to do comedy for the troops and how he broke through the language barrier and bonded with an Afghan man while playing cricket by drawing a dick and balls in the dirt.  If you only knew Charlie from his tv work the show may have been an eye opener, but I'm sure he found it refreshing to not be confined to the limits of his early evening tv time slots.

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