Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hungry Kids of Hungary- The Final Escapade Tour

After surviving moving yesterday afternoon and getting some unpacking done, I headed out for the evening to meet up with Mary at the Hi-Fi Bar to see Hungry Kids of Hungary.  When I arrived Andy Bull was nearing the end of his set.  I would have been there earlier if I knew he was going to be second on the bill.  The next band was The Chemist, who played a solid set.  I recognized some of their songs from when I saw them play last year.  Highlights included "Lullaby #1," End of July," "Things Have Changed" and the very rock ending to their set which included an extended jam that kept going and going.

Hungry Kids of Hungary entered the stage to death metal, which was quite funny.  They bravely started their set with a new song before launching into "Scattered Diamonds."  It was great to hear some of my favorites off Escapades including "China Will Wait," "Wristwatch," and "Coming Around."  Besides another new song, we were also treated to "Last Waltz," a song they did with Andy Bull.  As a side note, I think Dean and Andy had a little inside joke going on with their matching rolled up pants and boat shoes.  The last song of the main set was an energetic "Let You Down."  As is tradition, the encore began with a cover- this time it was Smashing Pumpkins' "1979."  The final song of the night was their first big single "Set It Right."  After this tour finishes the boys will disappear for a while to start working on material for their next album.  I'm glad they have had so much success with Escapades and are really building up a following in Australia.

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